6 Bottle White Club


Our club consists of quarterly releases so you are opting to receive 6 bottles of whites wine every three months. Our releases coincide with the Solstices and Equinoxes (March, June, September, & December).

The cost of each release is going to vary depending on the wines that you receive, but right now the 6 bottle, white club is averaging $120-149 per quarter.

We always allocate one white wine and one red wine for each release, but will let you know ahead of time which those are and you always have the option to swap the wine for others of your choice.



  • 20% off of all bottle purchases
  • 25% off of all case purchases
  • 50% off cases during Semi-Annual Case Sales (May & November)
  • Free tastings for yourself and up to 8 guests
  • Exclusive wine offers
  • Free admission to quarterly pick-up parties


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